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Manual Decompression Program

The Manual Decompression Program is a non-surgical, seven step program designed to address spinal dysfunctions associated with sciatica, radiculopathy, herniated discs and other conditions of the back, neck and shoulder. Designed to break the pain cycle, strengthen your back and alleviate future pain through a combination of Manual Spinal Decompression using the Inertial Extenzilizer, functional unweighting using Pneuback Equipment, vibration therapy and clinical strengthening, the Manual Decompression Program can help get you on your way to a healthy, more active lifestyle.

Seven Step Program:

Pneu mapAssessment of Body Mechanics, Hydration and Nutrition

  • Define Your Posture
  • Measure postural lean (forward/negative)
  • Measure lateral curves
  • Measure symmetry
  • Complete Exam
  • Review Patients HX, Diagnostic exams.
  • Take any X-rays necessary and order more diagnostics (if needed).
  • Review patients nutritional habits and make necessary suggestions for improvement and optimal healing.

*Review complete findings and determine if patient is a candidate for this type of treatment

Pneu Inertial ExtenzilizerManual Spinal Decompression Adjustment using Inertial Extenzilizer

  • Decrease adhesions throughout spinal column
  • Create negative pressure that creates a vacuum effect to alleviate pressure on affected nerve endings.
  • Improve circulation (remove swelling)
  • Remove guarding and reduce muscle spasms

treadmill workoutPneu-UnWeight Treadmill

  • Evaluate & correct gait
  • Remove pain
  • Improve circulation
  • Improve balance
  • Muscle recruitment
  • Specific activation

Stretch chairBack Stretch Chair Flexibility and Range of Motion

Pneu chairPneu-Back Chair with Unweighting

  • Eliminate Pain
  • Relax back muscles
  • Increase range of motion
  • Activate core muscles

back exercisePro Vibe Plate Exercises

  • Special Muscle Recruitment
  • Strengthen the core
  • Improve balance
  • Upper-lower body separation

pneu back chairPneu-Back Chair

  • Activate and Strengthen the Spine
  • Isolate the large muscles
  • Work small spinal muscles
  • Improve posture

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Manual Spinal Decompression?

It is a Spinal adjustment that stretches and elongates the spine.


The patient lays down on a specially designed  table (Inertial Extenzilizer) facing up, hips are secured in by using cushioned pins on either side of the patients hips, An oval therapy ball is placed under patient’s legs in order to assure that the spine is relaxed and at the optimal position  for the adjustment.  Dr Tejada will then perform a high-velocity , low-amplitude (HVLA) adjustment technique in the Y axis, which releases tension through the entire spine from the base of the Skull (Occiput) to the sacrum.  The technique stretches and elongates the spine, placing it beneath negative pressure that creates a vacuum effect to alleviate pressure on pinched nerves, it helps to reshape and re hydrate herniated, degenerative, and bulging disc.  It is highly effective in relieving pain and pinched nerves due to bulging or herniated disc.

Can the Manual Decompression Program help with my pain?

Although every patient is different and no program can guarantee success, the Manual decompression Program has been effective in reducing and relieving symptoms in a high percentage of patients undergoing treatment. Each step is specifically designed to break the pain cycle, strengthen your core and help you find lasting relief from your back pain.

How long does the Manual Decompression Program take?

The treatment protocol is typically 24 visits. Many patients experience relief after 8-10  visits. However, it is imperative for long term success that the program be followed even after the pain goes away. Long term success depends upon addressing and correcting core weaknesses that, left alone, may result in a recurrence of symptoms. Long term relief has been reported from patients who have completed the entire course of treatment.

What makes Dr. Tejada’s Manual decompression Program different from other back treatments?

The secret lies in the unique comprehensive approach to the treatment of your back pain and a greater chance for a lasting resolution to your back problems.


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