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Your First Visit

You’ll be warmly welcomed and made to feel at home. Help is on its way!

New patient filling out paperwork

Our new patient forms can be downloaded and completed in the convenience of your own home.

New patients often remark how “homey” our practice is. That’s good, because our goal is to offer state-of-the-art chiropractic care in a comfortable surrounding. So, make yourself at home!

Make Yourself at Home

You’ll find plenty of convenient parking and well-lit parking. You’ll be greeted by name when you enter our practice and given a short tour to get you acquainted with our facilities.

After filling out some paperwork we’ll likely show you a short 5-minute video and then you’ll meet Dr. Tejada.

We Explain Everything First

We will spend about 45 minutes together. A complete health history will be taken, we will assess what is wrong by orthopedic test, range of motion, palpation, neurologic evaluation, we may also take some x-rays of the area of complaint. We will provide some therapy on that day as well.

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